Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fresh eggs from the farm

We visit my husband's family farm once a month but I would love to live closer to enjoy all the good things there. A good reason to have chickens is to be able to collect fresh eggs and have a regular supply of delicious eggs to try new recipes.

Chickens there have room to roam free and eat outside. The kids love to throw kale from the garden fence and watch the chickens running torwards their natural food!

Much different from this other farm... Birds that live short lives, 40 to 45 days, under confined conditions, without ever seeing natural daylight. There is a campaign called Chicken out in Europe and you can read more about it here too.

And that reminds me of the British movie "Chicken Run," released a few years ago, about the miserable lives of a clan of chickens at a farm in 1950's England that plan to escape their prisonlike coop. Did you notice that they have teeth?


Kelli said...

Beautiful pictures! I have always wanted to have a few chickens and collect the fresh eggs.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

So nice to be able to collect fresh eggs from the farm. I love the picture of the chickens running free! And Chicken Run was funny, especially when they smiled with all that teeth. LOL!

TBC said...

Hey Cris,
How have u been? It's been a while since I came here!

How nice that u have farm-fresh eggs to cook with. I'm sure they even taste different!
What is that fruit on the tree outside the chicken coop?Pomegranate?

Cris said...

The fruit on the tree is a lime, known as rangpur or mandarin lime.

Susan from Food Blogga said...

Thanks for an insightful post, Cris. I've never seen an actual chicken coop, so these pictures are really eye opening. As for CHicken Run, I remember loving it. Maybe it's time to rent it. :)