Thursday, May 7, 2009

Say cheese!

For an easy appetizer, I season thick provolone slices with red pepper, dried oregano and olive oil, then I wrap each round of cheese in plastic wrap for a couple of hours. When guests arrive, I place the provolone rounds on a cheese board and scatter a few cheese knives around it so they can help themselves!

I love kitchen gadgets and I don't mind receiving them as gifts on my birthday and other special dates. The cheese board and the cheese knives were all given to me a long time ago.


Peter M said...

This has to taste as good as it looks...simple and a wonderful entertaining idea.

Susie said...

This looks easy & yummmy :)

Abby said...

I love quick, simple, tasty appetizers. And so do guests. It's beautiful! (And could be very Christmasy, too!)

Tangled Noodle said...

What a wonderful and delicious idea! The only danger is that my husband might eat them all before any guests actually arrive. 8-)

Off-topic: I'm so excited that we found a Brazilian restaurant near our home! This is great as the only place here that offers anything similar is Fogo de Chao; I have told my husband that I want to go to this new place for my birthday (to have feijoada!)

Libby Murphy said...

Well I will be serving this and when everyone starts raving about it, I guess I'll tell them it is cheese from Brazil. How simple but how lovely and I'm sure delicous.
Happy Twirls